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About the Photographer


Jennifer is the mother of three teenagers who pursues the paranormal in her free time.  Her interest in ghost started at age 16, but became a passion years later when she discovered she had the gift of capturing spirits on camera.  Her husband and children indulge her eccentricities and even accompany her on adventures.

The Beginning

     It happened 25 years ago, I was asleep in my bedroom at the top of the stairs. My mother's collie, Isa, woke me with her sharp barking that night.. I could hear her coming up the stairs behind the sound of heavy footsteps. I remember sitting straight up in bed filled with apprehension as the sound of footsteps grew closer and Isa's barking intensified. Someone was in my house! In that moment I heard my father's voice, "Shush, Isa. You'll wake them up."

     My father had been gone for two years by then; the victim of a heart attack. This was my first glimpse behind the veil.


Jennifer and her father.

Curtis is a young ghost hunter who follows in the tracks of his mother. He has been in the business of ghost phenomenom for a little over ten years. He has visited many haunted places near and far. 

            Curtis Mecey
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